Adventure on Wheels was established since 1997. We had our humble beginnings supplying parts and accessories and organizing grand riding events to BMW members, we gradually upgrade being a motorcycle parts and accessories dealer.

We started from a home office and advertised on various local and regional websites.

As we import and export with wholesale and retail in our business portfolio, we are keen to look into more business opportunities local and overseas thus enhancing economies of scale in offering our clients and customers good value and reasonable pricing on our products and services.

Business Registration Number : 53025406M
GST Registration Number : M9-0009882-J
CR Number : 38266060000Z

We also provide :

  • Buying new bikes
  • Hire purchase and loan facilities
  • OEM parts and accessories
  • Renewal of road tax, insurance and transfer of ownership, etc
  • Towing services and air brush services
We accept Cash, Nets, Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union and XOOM.

Kindly contact us now for a complete bike package including your accessories and LTA approved exhaust systems.

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